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A New Squell Bag-in-Box Dispenser

Squell has reinvented the "Bag-in-box dispenser" segment. The centre of our new business idea is our innovative dispenser, which can be used with any standard bag with Vitop tap to easily pour chilled… read more

Squell Produktion und Handel GmbH, 68766 Hockenheim

Bag-in-box armadio vino - 3 x 10L

La tendenza è arrivata in Europa! Avendo ora ottenere il 60% di vino australiano in bag-in-box compilando il midollo, ora zukuftsweisende questa forma di imballaggio ha raggiunto il mercato europeo. A… read more

Gastro-Cool GmbH & Co.KG, 47877 Willich

Bag-in-box frigo dispenser per succhi e latte

Disponibile dalla 2011, la nuova bag-in-Box raffreddamento dispenser da Gastro-Cool. Utilizzare il dispositivo di raffreddamento per il latte e il succo in Bag-in-scatola di imballaggio. Con i rubi… read more

Gastro-Cool GmbH & Co.KG, 47877 Willich

Bag-In-Box Kühlschrank - 1 x 3L

Der Trend ist in Europa angekommen! Nachdem mittlerweile 60% des australischen Weins in Bag-In-Box Abfüllung in den Mark gelangen, hat nun auch diese zukuftsweisende Verpackungsform der Europäischen M… read more

Gastro-Cool GmbH & Co.KG, 47877 Willich

Bag-in-Box MIXI Dispenser

The Bag-in-Box MIXI Dispenser is a combination of BIB dispenser with 2 x 10 liter Bag-in-Box units left / right (for e.g. apple and orange juice or white and rose wine) and a CO2 in the middle Water d… read more

Squell Produktion und Handel GmbH, 68766 Hockenheim


Dispenser til 3L og 5L bag in box.

Beierholm-art, 9990 Skagen

Commercial Office Water Cooler by Aqueduct

A new generation in home and Office water coolers. 10 & 15 L capacity. Freestanding and counter top models. Thermoelectric or compressor chilling.

Aqueduct Investments International Ltd., Dublin 4 Dublin

iCooler - RED10LC

This industrial cooler can hold 5,10,12 litres bags of liquid that have their own faucet. It has a manual thermostat so you can choose your temperature and they are electrically efficient as it's a… read more

Ross Ely Distribution Ltd, IE Sligo

Squell Bag-in-Box Cooler 100

Our Bag-in-Box Cooler 100 is perfect for each service area (e. g. hotel, office, breakfast room, conference room, self-service, fitness centre, hairstylist etc.). It is easy to handle, meets highest h… read more

Squell Produktion und Handel GmbH, 68766 Hockenheim

Squell Bag-in-Box Dispenser (Standing Unit)

Alongside our Squell Bag-in-Box dispenser for pre-mix beverages with Vitop tap, we also offer a housing unit. This housing unit makes it possible to turn our innovative tabletop device into a freestan… read more

Squell Produktion und Handel GmbH, 68766 Hockenheim

The Boxx'r - Bag-in-Box Cooler

We have stopped producing The Boxx'r and do not have any coolers left to sell to individual customers. The intellectual property rights and technical documents for this product are for sale. … read more

'r products, 41125 Gothenburg

Wein Kühlschrank Dispenser CRW

Der Trend bag-in-box Wein ist angekommen! Zapfen Sie Ihren Wein komfortabel und gewinnbringend mit dem Bag-in-Box (BiB) Weinkühlschränke der Reihe CRW der Firma CRYSTAL S.A. CRW wurde speziell … read more

CRYSTAL S.A, 61100 Nea Santa-Kilkis