The BOX-Ae-RATOR provides Box Wine drinkers the same proven method used for years by bottled wine drinkers to improve the flavor and bouquet of wine--aeration. Double the value of your Box Wine with every pour!


During the last 10 years, the wine world has nearly-uniformly accepted that young, fresh wines, especially tannic, robust reds, benefit from instant aeration. Aerators supply oxygen to the wine, bringing out a wine's natural bouquet and flavor profile, eliminating impurities, and opening up wine that has been pent up, no matter its packaging. Whereas older, more delicate wines should probably be decanted, the supermajority of wine that is purchased is meant for instant consumption, and aeration works wonderfully on those wines. Rather than waiting for the natural decanting process, aerators rapidly assist in this process, for immediate gratification.


Box Wine is the future of young, drinkable wine. Environmentally-friendly and economically-advantageous, with a fraction of the carbon footprint and price of its bottled counterparts, Box Wine just makes sense, especially given the increasingly large variety and quality of premium Box Wines on the market. Box Wine has increasingly invaded the shelf space, and for good reason; wine drinkers have evolved to understand that good, young wine has nothing to do with having a cork, or being in a bottle.


No other product exists that applies the well-founded principles of wine aeration to Box Wine. Prior to this invention, one would need to hold one's glass under the Box Wine spigot, and the other hand to hold the glass, leaving no third hand to hold the aerator in between. Enter BOX-Ae-RATOR, gladly providing you that third helping-hand, to make your Box Wine even better.

The BOX-Ae-RATOR finally marries these concepts together, making use of aeration in the Box Wine realm, a perfect, yet unrealized union. This product is an investment that will reap rewards with every use, doubling the taste value of your Box Wine with every single pour.

The BOX-Ae-RATOR attaches to all box wine, suspending a wine aerator directly under the box wine spigot, permitting the box wine to be poured directly through the wine aerator and into your glass, for aerated-wine pleasure in every glass, resulting in&

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The only wine aerator specifically-designed for Box Wine. When pouring a glass of Box Wine, you need one hand to press the spigot and another to hold the glass, leaving no third hand to hold an aerat… read more