Linan Haoshen Import And Export Trading Co., Ltd

Linan Haoshen Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd working on the import or export trading of natural juice concentrate,Jam, fruit wine and other health beverage drinking. Support by HK Miga with high technology and information advantage, We are trying to start three new markets in China.

1. Vegetable and fruit juice concentrate import and export trading
2. Juice selling in domestic market with PAGO brand
3. Sale’s show for various BIB fruit wine and beverage

The main purpose is publicizing and spreading such energy saving as BIB packing, respecting the light and simple lifestyle


Linan Haoshen Import And Export Trading Co., Ltd
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311300 Lin'an
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Produkte und Dienstleistungen

BIB Juice And Fruit Wine

BIB is most popular packaging in American and Europe courties, its accepted by lots of white collar because it is easy to use, advanced preservation technology, green and low-carbon production model.… weiter

PAGO BIB Fresh Fruit Restore Beverage Drinking

Distribute Charming Fashion Life Choosing the A grade raw material from the vegetable and fruit areas, then through refining,pressing,enzymolysis, ultrafiltration, pasteurization and attemper with… weiter

PAGO Juice Concentrate

The best choice for commercial using Product advantage: wide varieties, good taste, nutrition and health. Using Advantage: with special machine to use, simple and easy to operation,the workplace… weiter

Vegatable And Fruit Juice Concentrate

Haoshen and Miga Company are engaged in importing and exporting vegetable and fruit juice concentrate for a long time. Through the cooperation between the two company, we could got the first informati… weiter