Bespoke Liners Ltd

Packaging specialists offering a complete handling solution for product storage and transport for all containers including difficult shapes and sizes using custom bags and fitments to suit personal needs.
Our range covers various liquids including chemicals, foods, adhesives, wine. Powders including milk, flour, cocoa, coffee. Granules including polymers, resins, nuts.
We can offer liners with protection from light, oxygen or air, and moisture for sensitive products.
If you have a problem we can help you solve it.


Bespoke Liners Ltd
Unit 13 Collers Way, Reepham, Norfolk
NR104SW Norfolk
United Kingdom
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Herr Andy Glazebrook
01263 586000
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Produkte und Dienstleistungen

Adhesive liners

Custom bags to suit your needs, including multiple fitments, sump fitments and specialised materials.

Barrier liners

High barrier liners for sensitive products designed to suit your requirements. In Pillow or shaped cubic forms with multiple fitments to suit your needs.

Cosmetic liners

Specialised liners for cosmetics in powder or liquid forms with fitments and materials to suit your application. Cut down contamination and cleaning costs.

Custom liners

Specialised liners to simply reduce cleaning costs and prevent product contamination, through to high barrier protection for sensitive products. From drum liners to IBC.

Foil Bags

High moisture barrier bags for export packing of machinery etc.

Liners and Shaped bags

Custom sachet, Cube liners and semi cubes with multiple fittings and trunk fill, spacialised barrier materials such as EVOH and Metallised.

Sachet liner

High barrier aseptic liner for oxygen sensitive products. We use the highest quality materials to ensure your product reaches your end user in the best possible condition.

Sachet or shaped liners

Sachet or shaped liners from standard bags through to specialised or multiple fittings. High barrier liners for sensitive products and custom liners for awkward entry containers. Ranging from 1 litre … weiter

Wine bags

We specialise in small runs for uncommon container sizes which can be fitted with a vast range of glands / taps to suit your application.