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iCooler is an innovative system, for office or home use, designed to provide the consumer with the cleanest, freshest most hygienic drinking water possible. This unique design is set to revolutionise the water dispensing market. It eliminates the problems of the other coolers on the market. These problems include hygiene, health and safety and cost.

Other coolers such as the 19ltr type have to be sanitized regularly in compliance with the NSAI. This is a major flaw in their system. Our system requires no sanitisation. Their system allows air to get into the water supply which can lead to contamination. Our system is airtight which eliminates any risk of contamination.

Our system uses 5, 10 or 12ltr bags. These are easily positioned into the iCooler. These bags are a fraction of the weight of your standard 19ltr water drum. This reduces the risk of injury to the customer when replacing the bag/drum.

Our safe hygienic pack does not allow air to enter as it empties and the water flows from the bag straight into your cup. These two factors eliminate all sanitation costs. Most companies charge a deposit on the 19ltr drum - our system does not require any deposit as it is a bag system and once it is used it is then recycled. Due to the compactness of the iCooler and the water boxes, storage costs are greatly reduced. Above all else the actual cost of the iCooler and our associated water is very competitive.

So if you want a more hygienic, user-friendly and cost effective way to drink water get in touch with us today.


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